Monday, June 1, 2009

The Secret of Monkey Isand Special Edition

I don't know who visits this blog, since I haven't posted in forever. Thanks to everyone who has visited!
It's been an intense year, adjusting to being a working mom. I haven't had any time to do art outside of work.
Fortunately, I've been working on some really fun projects, and one of them being this one that announced today!


Chris Voy said...

For Monkey Island and starting the ol blog up again!!!

Mike Lee said...

FINALLY MOLLY!!!! :) If you have time, I hope you can post more work! :)

M Denmark said...

thanks guys! Hopefully when the game releases, I can post some of the background paintings and characters I worked on. :)

Stephen Chang said...


James Chiang said...

new post! hehee...very cool!
cant wait to see more.

Smarry said...
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